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Latest Strategies

by MonopolyHQ on October 28, 2009 · 44 comments

Even with all the cheating and glitches in the game, there’s still plenty of room to play a good game with good clean strategy. There seems to be two major ways people are playing the game right now.  One is probably the more ‘classic’ way of playing through building and earning rent, and the other [...]


Can’t Buy or Build Streets?

by MonopolyHQ on October 21, 2009 · 20 comments

Are you getting error messages like: “oops sorry, some weird error occurred, please try again” “it looks like someone else has beaten you to do this…” Maybe you’re in the monopoly city streets dead zone. I’ve got no fixes for you other than slamming the monopoly city streets development team with this feedback form And [...]


Finding Long Streets

by MonopolyHQ on October 17, 2009 · 46 comments

With an additional 3% of tax per street after five streets, maximizing the amount of property you can have on each street has become critical. Only problem is how on earth do you find these lengthy streets? 1. Discover them manually. At this point in the game the best tip I can give you here [...]


Don’t fear Tax

by MonopolyHQ on October 13, 2009 · 12 comments

Many Monopoly City Streets players seem to be doing everything they can to avoid tax, or even venturing into their sixth street. My take is if it’s a worthwhile street, go ahead, venture out and buy a bit. What’s worthwhile may vary depending on where you’re at in the game, but I’d ballpark as low [...]


Tools, Scripts, and Plugins

by MonopolyHQ on September 29, 2009 · 68 comments

Here’s a list of Monopoly City Streets tools I’ve come across. To be honest, I’ve yet to try any of them myself, I don’t want to get banned from the game for any reason at this point, but they seem legit from what I can tell though I can’t say for certain. I’d love to [...]


Rent Calculator – Is your next street worth it?

by MonopolyHQ on September 23, 2009 · 30 comments

Here’s a very rudimentary rent calculator in excel (xls) format. I was going to make a nifty online form, but I figure it would be a lot more useful if everyone had their own hard copy to track their progress rather than re-entering all the values. It’s very basic, and a pre-teen could come up [...]