This is a wish-list compilation that I’m hoping the Monopoly City Streets developers strongly take into consideration as the game develops.

I think the fans really do know best.

- Secure sign on
- Email registration / Verification
- No identical user names
- Ability to update password

Earning Money
- More granular rent accumulation – hourly or every 6 hours
- Intersecting streets should have an added rent multiplier

Game play
- Make alliances an official part of the game – lock them from turning on each other while in the alliance.
- Private messages between players

- More reasonable chance cards.
- Penalties should be percentage based on either cash on hand or property value
- Ability to hold multiple chance cards
- A jail card

User Interface
- Easier way of finding other players
- External feed of what’s happening in the game
- If you’ve got enough cash be able to auto-populate a street with certain buildings, or auto-sell.

Leader boards / Winning
- Multiple network lists, ie. friends, enemies, alliances
- Larger sortable leaderboard
- Have a way of showing conglomerates / clans

Official Communications
- I’m actually okay with non-drastic rule changes, like a new chance card has been introduced, if it’s been properly announced
- delete cheaters immediately

I’m sure there are lots more! Leave a comment if there are features, rules, gameplay, options, etc. you’d like to see in the future release of the game and if it’s not totally off the wall I’ll continue to add it to this list.


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Final thoughts on the first ever global monopoly game
December 8, 2009 at 9:57 am

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1 TJ September 23, 2009 at 10:20 am

That auto-populate feature would be unbelievably convenient.

One thing that bugs me is if you get a bonus card and you click “Construct Bonus Building” it takes you back to the “centre” of the street. I have a $20m street that is huge and every time I get one it takes me back to the centre and I have to spend 3 weeks scrolling back to where I was.

The option to zoom out and still be able to see traffic cones or even larger houses dotted along the street so that on long streets you don’t have to miss your daughter graduating in 16 years because you’re still trying to find where you stopped building.

As for intersecting streets I agree, but for some reason some streets are split up for no good reason. I have one half of a pretty long street and someone else has the other half. Obviously they can’t change ones that are already bought or built upon but they could change ones that aren’t.

I agree with the rent accumulation. Either put the amounts back up to what they were after the reset or give us the same amounts but more regular payouts.

Holding multiple chance cards would be nice, but I think they’d have to limit it to either 3 at a time or something similar, or reduce the number you get within a day.


2 Drifter September 23, 2009 at 10:29 am

Here’s a few features that I would like to see:

* Additional zoom levels
* Street lists viewable at most close zoom levels, with filters (ie available to buy, not available, to buy, view only streets within a certain price range etc)
* Ability to form alliances and to place/demolish ‘special’ buildings on each others streets
* Monetary incentive for owning surrounding streets/whole suburbs (possibly via increased rent)
* Bookmarks/pins so you can save areas of interest (ie streets you want to buy but don’t have the funds for)

Given the less than ideal handling of the game by the makers thusfar, I doubt they will bother with developing it any further than it already is. After all, it IS just a medium in which to advertise the board game.



3 Annie September 23, 2009 at 11:00 am

actually I’m against the more frequent rent payout – if it was every hour then I’d spend the rest of my life glued to the screen. I actually think the way it is right now is alright – kind of sticks to the ‘going past go’ thing on the real monopoly.

the additional zoom levels is great and definitely monetary incentive for owning neighborhoods!
Loving the rest of the ideas you’ve put up, thanks :)



4 Scion September 25, 2009 at 8:17 am

I would like to see rents bassed on development density of the area.

They already have some density calculation going on…just look at the map when you zoom out a layer….the build indicators change bassed on development density. Sure at the moment the scale is way off….most areas should still be showing small houses or the next one up…. but the point is its already halfway there. This would shift focus from the long widely spaced roads in the country side to the cities….hmm City Streets….that would seem to gel with the games name.

Probably the reason this wasnt completed (im sure that was the intention bassed on the original FAQ) was an inability to calulate which zone the street was in….that should be easy enough if the multiplier was shifted from the whole street to the building….so buildings at one end of a road in the center of town would earn higher rents and those at the other end out in the sticks would earn lower.

An extension to this would be to base what buildings are allowed to be built in an area on the current density…..so that we actually have to start off building small buildings and working up to larger ones as the areas density increases.

This would also mean that a big magnate couldnt move into a small town and start plonking down replica’s of the empire state buildings …. this extension would mean that areas of play are a little more isolated from the progress in other areas.

Another grief of mine are the local leader boards…these appear to be really really local. It would actually be more interesting if instead of bassed on people who purchased their first street in your local area it was bassed on all people who own property in your local area. perhapes with the ability to switch between looking at their (associated assets, ie local assets on local board, national assets on national board, and their total global asssets).

If you are top of a board you could be given a monopoly token and we could have a seperate leader board showing those players that currently have the most local monopolies, national monopolies or even the player with the current global monopoly

Just My 2 cents ;)


5 simon September 26, 2009 at 7:53 am

i’m against
more regular rent payouts (it would mean that those with jobs or social lives are at a serious disadvantage)
an official alliance system (rich players would be spammed for requests and wouldn’t benefit from such a system…)
ability to hold chance cards (stockpiling demolition cards would totally chance the gameplay for the worse…you could easily suddenly find your £30m street with 10 buildings destroyed and replaced with10 hazards in about 5mins)

i’m for
a couple of extra leader boards because curently everyone i “spy” on is in the same leaderboard as my friends.
auto-build/sell button: it is incredibly annoying to sit there for hours building 300 green houses on a street especially when (as TJ says) collecting a chance card then returns you to the middle of the street.
an email notification if someone offers on your streets, an offer is accepted, you’re sabotaged etc.
A better scroll button, something that i can use my arrow keys or click an arrow instead of having to click and drag to scroll across the screen

Other points
penalty cards ARE (so far as i am aware) already a percentage (either of building value or cash value depending on the chance card…) hence rich players get much larger penalties than poor players
messenger system will never happen (nice as it would be): they want to keep the game family friendly and it would lead to all sorts of censoring (swear words bullying etc) and spam (accept my offer, accept my offer, accepet my offer…)
why do we need an easier way of finding other players? who is it you want to find that you can’t already?
if you could view streets at all zoom levels you’d end up with a very large list of streets :o (being able to filter out smaller streets would be nice though…would stop me clicking on a for sale price and finding a 100k street instead of the 30m one i was looking for :p)


6 simon September 26, 2009 at 8:21 am

also correcting the rent payouts so that they are actually paid at 12am GMT (as stated) instead of 1am GMT. of course with plenty of warning to users :p


7 TJ September 28, 2009 at 11:16 am

In relation to the sorting of streets or filtering the lower cost streets out, you can use this Greasemonkey script for Firefox that allows you to sort streets by ones that are available and then by their cost or alphabetically. They also have a handy building tool that shows how many of a certain type of building you can build before you run out of money.

They’re apparently working on better sorting/filtering as well as an auto-populate feature.



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