How to play


What is it?

MONOPOLY City Streets – A live global game of MONOPOLY using Google Maps as the game board. Own any street across the world and play to become the richest property magnate ever.

The ultimate goal

Your goal is simple. Become the richest property magnate in the world!

Start by buying and owning the very street you live on. Then your friends’ streets, your neighbourhood, your town, the world. You can own any street across the globe. Build humble houses or stupendous skyscrapers. Be clever and sabotage your friends before they know what’s hit them.

With MONOPOLY City Streets you play against the world, but nothing beats the face-to-face fun of playing the MONOPOLY City board game at home against friends and family. Victory is all the sweeter when it’s up close and personal! So, nip out today and buy your MONOPOLY City game.

How to play

Building a mighty property empire… Easy to get on to that first rung of the ladder, and if you’re clever, you’ll find racking up the millions even easier!

So, the basics…

  1. Log in or Register
    Log in with your player name and password. If you don’t have one, you haven’t registered yet. Registration is super quick and super easy.
  2. Randomly receive a new Chance Card
    Get brilliant bonuses. Have some good fortune. Escape trouble. Sabotage your friends. You know… highs and lows. Typical property magnate millionaire kind of stuff.
  3. Buy any street that isn’t locked
    Buy any street that helps your city grow and takes you another step closer to world property domination. Be quick though, you never know who else might be eyeing up the same street!
  4. Build for rent
    Buildings earn you rent which means wonderful cash pouring into your coffers. The more cash you have, the more building you can do.  Your property empire keeps growing, leaving the rest in your construction dust.
  5. Negotiate for streets
    A street that you want? That you need? That you HAVE to have. No problem. Negotiate with any player to buy any street. Everyone has their price.
  6. Sell a street you own
    Need some cash fast? Simple. Sell off one of your streets to the bank to top up your cash balance.

Daily play

Remember, the more you play, the more you own. The more rent you receive, the more streets you can buy and the bigger your property empire becomes. With real dedication, you may even control the richest property empire in the world!

Player status

Every true property magnate started from the humblest of beginnings. They then brilliantly bought, neatly negotiated and smartly sabotaged their way to the top. Each new level of status you attain, you’ll earn new and exciting property bonuses. The question is… do you have it in you?


You’ll start with a bank balance of M3,000,000 in MONOPOLY Dollars. May seem like a lot of zeros, but spend your cash wisely… mortar and bricks aren’t cheap.

Buy your first streets, construct your first buildings and watch more cash begin to roll in.

As you rise through the 6 status levels, you’ll unlock ever bigger and better buildings to construct, all the way up to massive stadiums and the huge MONOPOLY Tower skyscraper. That’s when you’re earning property magnate kind of cash.

Chance Cards

Luck can be the friend of success or the ally of failure. Chance Cards are the good or bad luck on your rise to property magnate. When luck is on your side, your bank balance can skyrocket. When you’re out of luck, you can lose it all in the flip of a card.

You’ll receive Chance Cards randomly as you play. The less you play, the less lucky you’ll be. Life’s tough, but MONOPOLY City Streets is tougher.

Types of Chance Cards

Hazard Chance card lets you construct buildings such as Power Plants, Prisons and Sewage Works. These you can place on your friends’ best streets to totally destroy their rental value. Or they can beg.

Bulldozer Chance card enables you to demolish any Hazard that may have been placed on a street you own. Get ready to smash.

Bonus Building Chance card protects your top earning streets to make sure your friends can’t place any Hazard buildings there and sabotage your rent. There are 3 types of Bonus Buildings – Stadium, Park and


You’ll earn rent from your properties every day, even if you don’t play. Your rent is calculated automatically – so you can focus on being a property genius rather than a math professor.

Properties generate more rent if you own a bunch of streets together, instead of owning streets spread across many different areas. Additionally, they’re more valuable if they’re in a populated area. Just like in the real world.

Buying streets

You’ve got some rent rolling in and your bank balance is looking good. Now you need to buy more streets. There are 2 ways to buy streets.

  • Buy a street owned by the bank (purple on map)
  • Buy a street owned by another player (blue on map)

Street sales, offers and negotiation

Just like in MONOPOLY CITY, a property can only ever have one owner. But, if you’re desperate to own a street, there are 2 ways to buy it:

Negotiate an offer

You can negotiate an offer to buy another player’s street, and pay in cash and/or streets you own. If they reject your first offer, you can make another offer until you reach an agreed price. Similarly, someone may make an offer to you for a street you own. Be a tough negotiator, it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Any money or property you offer sits in a special account during negotiations.

7 Day Rule

You MUST respond to someone else’s offer for a property. Good manners and all that. If you don’t respond to an offer within 7 days, it is automatically accepted – no matter how ridiculous it is. Need we say it? Log. On. Every. Day.

Remember, streets are colour coded:

  • Purple street = Owned by the bank
  • Blue street = Owned by another player
  • Red street = Owned by you

You can click on a street at any time for more information.

Leaderboards & Friends’ Leagues

The best of the best. The magnates of magnates. The leaderboards show the progress of the top players in 4 categories:

  • World Leaderboard
  • National Leaderboard
  • City Leaderboard
  • Friend’s Leaderboard

The most fun can be had in comparing positions with your friends on a private Friends’ League that you create. Then again, being the über-magnate of World Property Domination might be more your thing and you want to go it alone.


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1 jason cairns September 14, 2009 at 11:52 pm

I don;t understand in the rules “properties generate more rent if you own a bunch of streets together” It would seem that I should buy lots of long streets where my investment of a house lets say is 50K and my rent paid is 50-47K When I spend money on the smaller streets connected to them. It seems I pay 50K for a house and get 10-20K (or less) in rent.

Can you explain why I should buy the streets near each other. What am I missing? Thanks


2 MonopolyHQ September 15, 2009 at 10:07 am

Good catch Jason, on the official monopoly blog they seem to contradict their own statement as well:

Q: Does owning streets that are connected to each other have any special power/rent opportunity?
A: No.

And so far I’ve found that to be true. Maybe this is their intention when the game resets or some point later, but as far as I can tell, it makes no technical difference. The only value I can see is that if you’ve got a huge neighborhood of your own stuff already set up, people might be less likely to browse and build there, but that would be an incredibly minor advantage.

Thanks for commenting – and stay tuned for more!


3 kearneycation September 15, 2009 at 12:18 pm

How do you start a friends’ league, or even add contacts?


4 MonopolyHQ September 16, 2009 at 9:32 am

You can add friends/contacts currently through

1. If they’re on one of the leader boards, click on their name, and you’ll see their profile, at the bottom it says “Add as friend”

2. If you know their street or property, click on it to see the property details and it will list the owner name, click that to see their profile, and “Add as friend”


5 Qba July 20, 2013 at 3:31 pm