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MONOPOLY City Streets Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:        What is Monopoly City Streets?

A:         Monopoly City Streets is a new online game that turns the world’s cities into a giant real life Monopoly City game board. This new game is an immersive experience that gives players a chance to experience the thrill of negotiating and building first hand. Players can personalize that experience and share it with their friends.

Q:        Why is Hasbro launching Monopoly City Streets?

A:         We’re introducing this new game to get more players engaged in the thrill of negotiation – and to introduce a new game to the marketplace, MONOPOLY CITY

Q:        Why did Hasbro decide to work with Google Maps?

A:         Google Street Maps application is one of the best known in the world. With Monopoly City Streets, Hasbro has created a new way to use Google Maps which allows us to overlay buildings, skyscrapers and sewage works to bring to life the game play of our new Monopoly City game.

Q:        What can players expect when they log on to Monopoly City Streets? A:         Players will be invited to register and will be given $3 million Monopoly dollars to start play. You can search for a street, purchase it and then decide if you want to start building immediately or if you want to purchase another street.  You can select streets from virtually every city in the world — whether it’s the street where you live or a street in Paris, London or New York.  The more you build, the more rent you earn — and if someone owns a street you want, you can contact them and negotiate for that street. The person who accumulates the most money and property wins the game.

Q:       I can’t seem to log in. Can you help?
A:        When we launched MONOPOLY City Streets in September, we were thrilled that so many of you wanted to try your hand at global real estate domination. As many of you experienced, the initial rush led to slower servers, which in turn resulted in compromised data. You may have also discovered a few bugs while you’ve been getting to know the game and we’ve been hard at work to fix those problems.

This restart does mean that everyone is starting over with $3 million and a world to discover. You will need register again and create a new login. We hope that you are successful in purchasing the street that is central to your future real estate empire and that you’ll enjoy buying, building and negotiating just as you can in the new Monopoly City board game.

Q:        What is the cost to participate?
A:         There is no cost to participate in Monopoly City Streets.


Q:       How much money do I receive each day?

A:        Each day that you log into the game you will receive a payday amount of $1 million Monopoly dollars plus rent for your owned properties. The amount of your income is determined by the value of the streets that you own and the rent value of the buildings you have on each street.

Q:       When do I receive my rent?

A:        Rent is released once a day at 12am (midnight) GMT. But you MUST log on once a day to have the rent paid out into your bank.

Q:       Do you only get rent on days when you log in or does it accrue?

A:        Yes. You must log in to receive rent. It does not accrue.

Q:       I have a negative bank balance. What do I do?

A:        If you receive a Chance Card that fines you more cash than you have in the bank, you will find your balance fall below zero. The quickest way to get back into the positive is to sell some of your streets to the bank! Unfortunately, for half their total value, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Q: How does daily tax work?

A:        There is only one certainty in MONOPOLY City Streets. Tax. Just like in real life, tax now plays an integral part of the game. Tax works as follows: The first 5 streets      owned are not taxed.  Thereafter the current tax rate is 3% PER STREET you own. For example, if you own 15 streets your tax will be 30% of your total rent collected every day. If you own 25 streets your tax will be 60%. Remember, at 38 streets you will effectively be taxed 100% and so won’t be making any profit and your bank balance won’t increase.

Q:        Does owning streets that are connected to each other have any special power/rent opportunity? A:         No.


Q:        How can I protect my properties from being bulldozed?

A:         Players can protect their properties from Hazards by adding bonus buildings to their properties. Bonus buildings, which include parks, schools and stadiums, are available on the random Chance Cards that players are given during the game. But watch out… bonus buildings can be bulldozed.

Q:        How can someone bulldoze my bonus building? I thought they were safe?

A:         A bulldoze card can destroy the following: any building on a non-protected street, any bonus building protecting a street, or, a hazard that has been placed on a street you own. Yes, a bonus building can be destroyed. A bonus building protects your street from a hazard being built on the street and protects all of the other buildings on the street from the bulldozer as long as the bonus building is still standing.

Q:        Can I build a bonus building on my street if it has a hazard?

A:         Yes. Building a bonus building on a street that has a hazard will negate the power of the hazard. However, you can not build a hazard on a street with a bonus building.

Q:        Can I bulldoze a hazard on another person’s street?

A:         No.

Q:       I’m being bullied. Someone keeps bulldozing my properties. Can you disqualify them?

A:        No. To protect your properties we recommend building parks, schools and other bonus buildings on your streets as soon as you have the opportunity by receiving a Chance card. We will not disqualify players unless we suspect that a player has an unfair advantage.


Q:       What happens when streets are sold with buildings on them?

A:        When you sell a street to another player, the buildings are included. They do not  go back to the bank. Sell wisely!

Q:        I can see my street on the map, but I can’t buy it. Why not?

A:        The streets available for purchase through MONOPOLY City Streets are limited to those included in the OpenStreetMap program and as such some of the smaller streets are not available for purchase. If it’s a larger street, please report the problem and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. To find out more:

Q:        All my streets and buildings have been sold. Why? And what do I do?

A:         It pays to play regularly and doesn’t to not. If, after 2 weeks, there has not been any activity on your account, the bank automatically repossesses ALL your streets. Ouch. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to start again. This time, keep buying, building and negotiating on a more regular basis. You won’t need to set up a new account, just log with your username and password.

Q:       I just bought a street, but now it’s telling me I can’t sell it. How can I sell it?

A:        No street can be bought or sold more than once per day. So, be clever about which streets you negotiate for.

Q:        I received a counter offer but I can’t see it. Is there anything I can do?

A:        Try refreshing the page and clicking on the alert again.

Q:        If I delete an alert, does this reject the offer included in the alert?

A:        No. You have to open the offer and click the reject button.

Q:        Can I take back an offer that I made on a property? I changed my mind.

A:         No. All offers are final. A capitalist world is a cruel world. Be sure before you send that offer.


Q:       How many languages is Monopoly City Streets available in?

A:       Monopoly fans from around the world are invited to play Monopoly City Streets in one of the five available languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.

Q:        Where do I have to live to play Monopoly City Streets?

A:        Anyone living anywhere in the world can play Monopoly City Streets as long as they have an Internet connection. When you play, you aren’t limited to your own neighborhood or country. If you’ve always dreamed of owning property in Paris, now’s your chance to move in on the neighborhood!

Q:        Why isn’t my street on the map?

A:         The streets available for purchase through MONOPOLY City Streets are limited to those included in the OpenStreetMap program as we are subject to the streets that they have documented in their map database at the time we imported the data in to the game. To find out more:

Q:        My street isn’t spelled properly. Why not?

A:         The information that is included in Monopoly City Streets is limited to that provided in the OpenStreetMap program as we are subject to the streets that they have documented in their map database at the time we imported the data into the game.

Q:        Why is my leaderboard score higher than my bank balance?

A:         Your leaderboard score reflects your net worth, this mean you total bank balance plus your streets and buildings value.

Q:        Why is my scoreboard not updating?

A:         Scoreboards are updated once a day at 12am (midnight) GMT. They are not updated in real-time like your bank balance.

Q:        I’d like to change the language I’m playing in. How can I change that?

A:         Clear your cookies and start the game again.

Q:        Is there a way for me to change my starting location? For example, when I login I get sent to London, but I’d like to start in Chicago.

A:         Your starting location is determined by where you purchase your first street. You don’t have to stay there, it is simply your “home” page in the game.

Q:        How can I make comments about any problems I encounter in the game?

A:         In the game is an area for reporting problems. Please leave comments there.

Q:        I paid for a building twice and it doesn’t show up. What gives?

A:         This is a bug we are looking into.

Q:        I’ve been playing for hours but still haven’t received a chance card. What do I need to do to receive one?

A:         Chance cards are dealt randomly. Please keep playing….you will get one…

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1 vinodh November 26, 2009 at 6:21 pm

I would like to bid for that but it states ” This street has been offered for sale as part of an offer on another street”

Does that mean that in exchange for that street i have to give one of my streets or is there a different meaning to it?

How do you create that option?


2 vinodh November 26, 2009 at 6:22 pm

I would like to bid for that street but it states ” This street has been offered for sale as part of an offer on another street”

Does that mean that in exchange for that street i have to give one of my streets or is there a different meaning to it?

How do you create that option?


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