Final thoughts on the first ever global monopoly game

by MonopolyHQ on December 8, 2009 · 6 comments

What a crazy game it was!  I don’t think any of us can say it was what we expected.

Some of us found ourselves absurdly addicted as the game made its way into our daily routines, others quickly dropped off the map as they found the game had veered off from the classical board game, still others took time to create tools and sites to help players make the most of the game.  Just about everyone suffered from the games technical issues and limitations.  And of course, plenty of people cheated.

I love the physical monopoly board game, and so being able to play with a massive number of people online was nostalgic and definitely had its moments.  Connecting with many other fans was also a definite plus as we adapted with new strategies as the game progressed.

Would I play the game again, if it was exactly the same? I’m a big fan, but I’d have to say no.

I think most of us stuck it through the last half of the game because we were already highly invested in it.  However, there were far too many glitches, holes, and gaming foundations that were missing in the game this round.

Now if Hasbro made an open commitment to listening to fans, taking everything they’ve learned and redesigning the game from the ground up, I’d definitely be there.  I’d even pay a few bucks.   (A few suggested features for starters)

Below are my stats to date, I can probably squeeze in another 13 billion if I can login tonight.  I tried to implement every tip that I had mentioned on this site.  I missed some days and may a couple glaring mistakes early on, but I’d say it was a fairly above average game.  I didn’t have any special mapping tools to score long streets so I had to pay tens of billions for most of mine.  Every street is maxed out, I probably could’ve went for buying even longer streets rather than a lot of streets in the ten million range.  But that’s what I was stuck with ultimately.

User: monopolyhq

Level: 6
Location: New Zealand
Score: $405,043,795,000
Money: $250,782,925,000

# Name Country Initial Price Current Price Rent Bu
1 Camas Monteview Rd
2 269th St
3 United States Highway 34
4 330th Ave
5 Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla mnt
6 County Road N2500
7 Ring of Kerry
Republic of Ireland
8 Pilot Rd
9 Bunya Highway
10 10th St NE
11 United States Highway 212
12 Корниловский тракт
Russian Federation
13 Ranch Road 674
14 Laidlaw Park Rd

Total rent: $18,284,749,000
Taxes: $4,936,882,230 (27%)
Net income: $13,348,866,770

What about you? How’d you end up doing?  What are your final thoughts?

* On another note, here’s a post on how I built this site and the traffic / community on it for those of you who were interested.


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1 astrogirl December 8, 2009 at 11:04 am

I’ve finished up (as of today) ranked #7 in my local high score chart. I started on day one, and logged in everyday, but I didn’t really “play” much and I didn’t use any tools when I did. I only held 6 properties maximum the whole game, had no encounters with people dropping hazards on me and didn’t use any on other players either, and in the last month or so was just pulling in $3billion a day in rent with my 5/6 streets maxed out with mostly sky high towers. I think I sold a street once, the rest I had for the entire game. I think it was fun, but after I maxed out my streets I was just logging in to get the rent as it was too hard to find streets worth buying imo. Plenty of streets under the $3 million mark still available, but after midway through the game I never saw a more expensive one even after looking for an hour or so at a time. (Though that is a lie, I did see one $10 million one once, but it was during that time when there was the big glitch and you couldn’t buy/sell anything in the middle of the map. But it was gone almost as soon as the glitch was fixed.) And on my rental income I couldn’t afford a lot of the bigger street that people were offering for sale for big prices.

Would I play again if nothing was changed in game? No. But as the poster mentioned, if they listened to the players and made changes and/or redesigned then yeah, I might even spend a few dollars to play.


2 Hans December 9, 2009 at 3:09 pm

I was ranked #54 in the global, but then I donated the majority of my money to monopoly world and some money to my cousin.

I’m so disappointed with this game. I used 2 tools, “miself” and “MCS Tools”. My strategy was to have two accounts, so I could avoid taxes and earn more. Both accounts with 7 streets each (properties between 14M to 48M). I was the owner of one of the largest streets in the game Frame Lake Trail (5B land value), the problem with those large streets is/was that you can construct nothing! this is ironic because there’re streets with a ~15M land value in which you can construct with no limits, I mean a LOT of buildings (3000+). Furthermore, MCS stole me/made to loose 300B!. ATM, I have 100B in offers that I did more than 16 days ago, so that’s lost too. I sent’em an email, and I got a generic answer. You can read it

There’s a lot of people that think you can’t reclaim anything because it’s a free game. But, I’m sorry to tell them that the only purpose of Hasbro was to make a large marketing strategy for their board game “Monopoly City”. We were just an instrument. If a brand decides to make marketing like this, at least it should assure to make the clients happy. From the developers to the “heads” of this game, all of them were mediocre. ATM, I can’t understand how they didn’t plan nor anticipate the use of the game. They made all the info public in JSON format, which is ok, the problem was they didn’t anticipate the bunch of scripts, bots, etc.

BTW, I would like to know if MCS patented this online game.

This blog was very helpful, thanks to you I discovered those tools. I wish you the best guys.



3 TJ December 10, 2009 at 2:06 am

The customer service side of this game was a complete shambles. The developers screwed up a hell of a lot, making useless features, not adding certain must-have features, not fixing some big bugs very quickly and so forth, and it’s now December 10th and I can still log in AND collect rent. They can’t even close their game properly?

I loved the game play and the idea, but about a month from the end I got bored with it and just logged in to amass as much money as possible.


4 TJ December 10, 2009 at 3:15 am

Ok, so it appears it is now offline. There’s a short survey they ask you to take and about half way through there are two or three questions pertaining to whether you’d be interested in paying to play MCS, so I’m guessing that’s their next move and this won’t be the end of it.


5 MindObserver December 29, 2009 at 9:01 am

For Christmas I got the Monopoly Deal card game. It’s actually far more fun than the last month of Monopoly City Streets.

There are three types of cards: property, cash, and actions. The goal is to collect three sets of property. You can lay down property from your hand, add cash to your bank account, or demand money from other players. If they don’t have enough cash on hand then they have to pay you with properties. Some cards let you add buildings to your sets or steal properties from other players.

A game plays in about 20 minutes and features a good mix of luck in the cards and skill in how you play them. My family hasn’t touched the traditional board game in 20 years and MCS has kept me away from the Monopoly City board game. But we had a lot of fun playing Monopoly Deal on our Christmas break.


6 Gerald May 22, 2012 at 8:22 pm

The game ended long ago, but in my bookmarks that link is still there. The reason? I hope that the monopoly will become a new chance.

I wrote more than 2500 words with ideas how to revive the game and how to make a game on the basis of the first try. But I think here is the wrong place for that so I deleted it. Maybe I will post it on Google+… When I have found the right place for that thoughts, I will post a link.



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