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by MonopolyHQ on September 18, 2009 · 1 comment

I was really hoping for at least some way of reducing multiple accounts and rent multipliers for neighboring/intersecting streets… but the following changes for the reset will have to do. According to the official blog:

A short summary of some key changes:

Streets can only change hands ONCE per day
In other words, no street can be bought or sold more than once per day. So, be wise about your street selection.

Bidding Cap Removed
For level 3 players and above, we have removed the bidding cap of M1.5 million on streets. Have fun.

Addition of “For Sale” signs
Having a hard time finding a street to purchase? Now when viewing the zoomed out map, you will see red “for sale” signs that will indicate where streets are available. Click on the sign to visit the neighborhood and buy, buy, buy.

There is only one certainty in MONOPOLY City Streets. Tax. Just like in real life, tax now plays an integral part of the game. The first 5 streets that you own are tax-free. The current tax rate is 3% per street. For example, if you own 15 streets your tax will be 30% of your total rent collected every day. If you own 25 streets your tax will be 60%, etc.

Street Protection
Many of you noticed that if there is an offer made on a street, it was protected from hazards and the bulldozer while the street is under negotiation. No longer. Streets will no longer be protected when they are included in negotiations.

Forced Repossession of Streets
It pays to play regularly. If, after 2 weeks, there has not been any activity on your account, the bank will automatically repossess ALL your streets. Ouch. So, keep buying, building and negotiating – you never know what chance has in store for you…

For the updated guidelines click here.

I’ll post some strategy with all of this in mind real soon.  But one thing for certain is the tax will dramatically change and moderate the game.  With 3% tax per additional street after 5 streets, means you can own 38 streets fully loaded, and earn nothing.  Long streets you can build over time will be essential!

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Monopoly City Streets + Google Earth


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