More Monopoly City Streets FAQ’s

by MonopolyHQ on September 14, 2009 · 1 comment

These are from the official site, I’ll be posting many more I’ve discovered along the way soon.

Q: I can’t seem to register. How do I start?
A: Purchase a street and then you will be invited to register. Keep in mind that your first street will become your “home” page for the game.

Q: Is there a way for me to change my starting location (for example, when I login I get sent to London, but I’d like to start in Chicago).
A: No. Your starting location is determined by where you purchase your first street. You don’t have to stay there, it is simply your “home” page in the game.

Q: How can someone bulldoze my bonus building? I thought they were safe?
A: A bulldoze card can destroy any building on a non-protected street, a bonus, or a hazard on your own street. Yes, a bonus building can be destroyed. A bonus building protects your street from a hazard being built on the street and protects all of the other buildings on the street from the bulldozer as long as the bonus building is still standing.

Q: Does owning streets that are connected to each other have any special power/rent opportunity?
A: No.

Q: When do I get payday? It’s been more than 24 hours since the time I registered/last received payday?
A: Rent is paid out once every 24 hours, which starts and ends at Midnight GMT. You need to log in or refresh the page to receive rent.

Q: Do you only get rent on days when you log in or does it accrue?
A: You must log in to receive rent. It does not accrue.

Q: There aren’t any streets left!
A: There are plenty of streets available for purchase, although they might not be in your home town.

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1 Alexis September 29, 2009 at 8:58 am

Hi, My partner has an account and when he’s trying to build a property on his road it keeps saying he’s making too many requests too quickly. This has been happening since last night. Please help he’s going stir crazy. :)


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