First Day Insights to the New Game

by MonopolyHQ on September 18, 2009 · 1 comment

Congrats first go out to the Monopoly City Streets team for their efforts in listening and responding to the thousands of requests and issues brought up during the first week.  And great job upgrading the hardware, things are looking smooth with the initial onslaught.

1. Some people are still reporting issues registering into the game.  Supposedly the recommendation is to try buying your initial street in the U.S. but that doesn’t seem like a good permanent solution to me.

2. I’m really glad their monitoring cheating, it’ll be incredibly sad if millions of people put time into the game, only to have 10 cheaters on top of the leader board.  They’re clearly trying to stomp out loopholes like protecting streets in negotations and not being able to remove hazards from other player’s streets.

3. There are tons of million plus streets available, and will probably continue, with the game slowed down due to taxing and enforcement against cheaters

4.  I thought I recalled before the reset that smaller streets had houses for less, ie. green house for 35k, but now they seem to be 50k across the board.

5. Rental returns are much much more granular.  From what I can tell as a very general rule of thumb, using a $million dollar street as the baseline, the green house / city cottage will get 1:1 returns.  A street valued at half of that, will get rental rates of half or a street triple in value with have triple the returns.  ie. the Road to Hana in Maui, which costs 9.28 million (while i can’t purchase it, yet, and verify), a 50k green house will get roughly 464k in daily rent!

6. They’re really trying to keep players active in the game – ie. every day you can get $1million, and your rental returns – only if you log in.  Trades are auto-accepted if ignored for 7 days.  And all your property gets repossessed in 14 days if inactive!  Don’t plan on being offline on vacation.

I’ll post some early initial strategy with the new rules soon as well.

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1 MindObserver September 18, 2009 at 3:56 pm

I wish I knew that the >$1M roads paid better than 100% on houses before I bought my first road. I assumed they would max out at 100%, and maybe $5M roads would give better returns on the more expensive buildings. So I aimed for a $1M road for my first.

The income formula seems to be:
I = 1 + BC + C/10
For income (I), building cost (B), and street cost (C), all in millions.

On the first day, B + C = 3. So the best return is for a street costing $1.55M with $1.45M of buildings on it. That’s neglecting considerations of where you’ll build on day two, though.

I think it’ll be very tricky to put up optimal buildings each day without wasting space for later days or getting stuck with underdeveloped long roads. It might be necessary to just trash your early roads to buy longer roads later without getting into a high tax bracket. Since the bank only pays 50%, there could be some great deals to pick up from other players who are flipping roads this way.


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