Day One Strategy

by MonopolyHQ on September 18, 2009 · 1 comment

The game officially re-launched today!

Whether you’re a beginner or a week-old veteran from the old game, the new rules definitely requires some new strategies.  Here’s my best strategy for your first day, and I’m totally open to suggestions.

1.  You start with $3 million.  There’s no point saving any of it unless you know of a really sweet street under 4 million that no one else will buy the next day.  Otherwise, spend it all to maximize your rental return for the next day.

2. Your first street purchase defines where your ‘local’ start page and leader board resides.  If you’re on the leaderboard of a hotly contested city/town you’ll likely get bulldozed all day by people looking to do something with their chance card. But then again, it sure would be cooler to be on the leaderboard of a more significant city.

3.  Do not waste your money on a street under one million dollars this early in your game.  I’d say aim for a street in the two million dollar range.  It should prove to be a keeper for a long while.  For the two smallest properties (green houses and city cottages), a 1.5 million dollar street will give you roughly a 1.5x daily return on your investment, a 2.5 million dollar street will give you roughly 2.5x daily return, and so on.

4.  If you’ve got your choice of good streets – try and pick the longest one.  I’ve encountered expensive streets that don’t offer up much property footprint.  You’ll want the densest possible streets for the long haul of the game to avoid street tax.

5.  Max out your street with green houses or city cottages.  And you’re done.  If you can only find $1million dollar and under streets, then buy two and put as many houses/cottages down as possible.

6.  You might want to scope out your next day purchas if they happen to be available, otherwise, you’re done for day one.  Rest easy, at this point in the game, I wouldn’t worry *too* much about people bulldozing and hazarding your street since you won’t be listed anywhere and everyone ought to be near even par.

What day one strategies would you recommend?

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1 edison wang September 20, 2009 at 6:58 pm

This is not true… See my site for a mathematical computation for day one….


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