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by MonopolyHQ on September 23, 2009 · 6 comments

loopholeIt appears the game goes on with the sudden rule change in rental values.  (It’s definitely a step backwards in my opinion, but just like in real life, things change, just often not that drastically).

Here’s a loophole I’ve discovered and some others have also reported.

If someone adds a hazard to your street, and you get a bonus building card, just go ahead and put the bonus building on that same street.  Even if you have several hazards on the street, the bonus building seems to take precedence over the hazards.

You’ll notice your rent value wtih the strike-through is removed as soon as you place the bonus building down, and I can confirm that you will get your rent the next day.

I’m not sure how intentional this was by the developers.  I find keeping the hazards on the street with a bonus building help avoid additional damage by other players.  If they see a hazard on your street, they assume you’re already not making money on the street, and if your bonus building is out of plain sight, odds are they probably won’t be knocking it down.

More tips to come.  Are there other loopholes you’ve discovered along the way?


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1 this is September 23, 2009 at 8:45 am

This is old news


2 MonopolyHQ September 23, 2009 at 9:18 am

I realize it’s not totally fresh, but with the rent issues the last few days this had to take a backseat. Plus, a lot of players don’t actually know about it or how it works.


3 MindObserver September 24, 2009 at 10:30 pm

This was news to me. My brother just mentioned to me that one of his adversaries has a street producing income despite having a hazard. This confirms his theory about why.

I haven’t had a chance to exploit the loophole myself. I tend to get bulldozers when I need a bonus building, bonus buildings when I need bulldozers, and bad accountant penalties when I need to build, build, build.


4 TJ September 23, 2009 at 10:03 am

I generally get a few demolition cards throughout the course of a day and since I’m currently top of my local leaderboard I’m targeted more than others I guess. I’ve found that if I discard my first few demo cards and just keep building on my streets, then when I get down to maybe $1m or $500k left to spend and I get a demo card, I just close the browser and next time I open it up back up and someone has put a hazard on my street, I have still have the demo card and I can immediately demolish it.

Another option if you need to get rid of hazards is (as long as you have at least $1m to spend and some patience) to continually sell your cheapest house and then build it back in the same spot and eventually you’ll get a demo card.


5 Macavenger September 23, 2009 at 1:14 pm

I was saved by this little loophole the other day. I hit the number 1 spot on the local leader board, whereupon the #2 person bulldozed my bonus building and four other buildings, and set up a hazard on one of my streets, all within an hour or less. Someone else sabotaged my other main street (which I hadn’t been able to put a bonus building on yet). After two hours of building, selling, and re-building green houses, I finally managed to get a couple of bonus building cards which allowed me to at least start collecting rent again. Two days later, and I have yet to see a bulldoze card. I would really love to know how that one person managed to get six chance cards in the space of an hour though :)

The problem with leaving the hazard building on the street is that now someone only needs to bulldoze your bonus building to kill your rent again. if there is no hazard, then they not only need to bulldoze your bonus building, but they also have to get a hazard card. So having the street hazard-free give you an extra level of protection.

I was thinking though: perhaps a nice twist that they could add in regards to this “loophole” as you call it, is to make it so that if you have both, you still get rent, but at a reduced rate. So maybe if you have 1 bonus and 1 hazard, you would get 50% of your normal rent. Maybe with two hazards but still just one bonus, the rent would reduce even more. Of course you still couldn’t add a hazard to a street with a bonus building. Just a thought.


6 MonopolyHQ September 23, 2009 at 4:20 pm

agreed – another way of building in some level of resilience on your streets is to simply fill up all the spots, or at least not leave enough room for a hazard. even if someone takes out your bonus and hazards you, which will happen from time to time, all it takes is another building to fill up that spot – just in case you don’t get a bonus building next round – not perfectly idea, but every little bit helps.


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